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the color of mahogany

Hi Jeff,

Good to hear you are pleased with your shelves otherwise. I understand your concern about the color. I assure you, the color will change all by itself.

African mahogany is one of a few kinds of wood that darken significantly with age. Some pieces will darken more rapidly than others, but seem to all end up about the same color.  All of the wood in our offering has no stain, it is only the natural wood with clear lacquer. The color of natural wood is not a precise science, but the sample piece in your photo was more or less the same color as the shelf it is on when it was originally cut. It has reached a color that represents what the shelf will be in about the same time frame. The sample should be about 6-12 months old. The darkening process will take place with or without exposure to direct sunlight, but more sunlight will accelerate the natural darkening of the wood.  Thanks!


Hi Billy, 

We have a problem. Both sets of shelves have arrived in good condition and the size is correct.  But unfortunately, the color on the African Mahogany shelves is completely wrong.  I have attached a photo for you to see.  We need to have the shelf stained the correct color.  Please advise.



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