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Subject: Stain question

Subject: Stain

Message: Hi, If I want to stain it myself do I pick the U-paint MDF and click the unfinished shelf button?


Hi Anthony,

The MDF is only suitable for painting. It could be stained but I don’t think that is the look you are after. MDF has no grain pattern. It is a nice smooth surface so it’s a great beginning for a smooth painted finish. It looks a lot like brown kraft paper, so with stain it will look like a stained paper bag. 

All of the different woods in the regular offering are not stain colors, they are different types of wood, so you’ll want to select one of those to stain. Unless otherwise specified, all the wood shelves are finished with clear catalyzed lacquer, which is a high quality furniture finish with excellent scratch and chemical resistance. The lacquer will reject any other type of finish or stain, so be sure to select the unfinished option. 

Our shelves require professional installation. The job requires tools and skills that are beyond most DIY’ers. Please refer to the installation guide video, and share it with your contractor as well so he can help you decide if these shelves will work for you.

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