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Professional installation required

Hi Joe,

Good to hear you were able to get the job done!

These shelves are not suitable for DIY installation, as you have learned, it’s not an easy job!

  I always recommend professional installation for these shelves.

  Your photos clearly show the bracket is way off level. I can assure you the problem is not the bracket, please check it with a machinists square and you will see it is welded at exactly 90° The system we use to clamp and position the steel to weld the brackets is very accurate and doesn’t leave anything to chance. Most walls are out of plumb and possess irregularities that will cause the bracket to point up or down, that is to be expected, and has to be compensated for in one way or another, and it sound like you managed to do so.  

 Should you order more shelves in the future, please make arrangements for professional installation. Thanks!


Billy D


 From: Joe XXXXX

So, I was able to fix it.  I put about three washers on the low side of the hole.  Hopefully that will work.

Anyway, the shelves themselves look really good.  I was a little disappointed the frame wasn’t level, but things are looking ok now.

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Hi Billy,
I received my shelves today but there’s a problem with the frames, they have a significant slope.  If there’s a way for me to easily fix this, let me know, otherwise I need you to send me two new frames.

Here’s some pictures to illustrate the problem

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