White Oak Floating Shelves

Custom White Oak Shelves

These are oak floating shelves, specifically white oak. Free shipping, custom made in USA to any size, ships in 10 working days, installation hardware included. Furniture-quality finish, topcoated with low-sheen clear lacquer. All shelves are made to order. (minimum size is 3″ X 9″, maximum is 16″X 93″) All shelves are 1-3/4” thick

Price includes mounting hardware, packaging and free delivery within the contiguous United States.

White Oak (Quercus alba) is native to North America, and is the official state tree of Maryland. It is a dense, strong, stable wood. White oak is what is traditionally used in American Craftsman furniture, also in boatbuilding, and the finest whiskey and wine barrels. Kentucky State law specifies only new white oak barrels can be used to make Kentucky bourbon. White oak is a high-strength wood that is naturally decay and insect resistant, making it suitable for barn timbers and farm fencing.

Our floating shelves have no visible bracket, yet are much stronger than you would expect, please see the installation guide video to learn more. Professional installation is required. The job requires tools and skills that are beyond most DIY’ers. Please refer to the installation guide video:

floating shelf line drawing

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