Maple Floating Shelves

Custom Maple Wood Shelves

All shelves are made to order. (minimum size is 3″ X 9″, maximum is 16″X 93″) All shelves are 1-3/4” thick. Our Maple floating shelves are natural white maple wood veneer on multi layered solid poplar core for ultimate strength and dimensional stability. Finished with premium quality low-sheen clear conversion varnish.

Price includes mounting hardware, packaging and free delivery within the contiguous United States.

Hard Maple (Acer Saccharum) 128 species of Maple grow in Asia, Europe, northern Africa, and North America. The Maple is the national tree of Canada, the Maple leaf known as the most recognizable symbol of Canada. Maple is a dense, hard wood with very little texture and tight closed grain. Popular as flooring on basketball courts, bowling alleys, and fine furniture. Maple is considered a tonewood, and is commonly used in building guitars, drum, and other musical instruments. The sap from the Maple tree is drawn and boiled to produce a syrup commonly known as Maple syrup.

Our floating shelves have no visible bracket, yet are much stronger than you would expect, please see the installation guide video to learn more. Professional installation is required. The job requires tools and skills that are beyond most DIY’ers. Please refer to the installation guide video:

floating shelf line drawing