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Installing floating shelves on a tile wall



Do you have any concerns that mounting the support bracket over glass tile will cause issues?


Installing the shelves over glass tile or any tile for that matter is going to be troublesome. You will likely break the glass from the pressure of tightening the bolts. If you have not yet installed your glass tile, you should hold off until the brackets are in place so you can tile around them. If the wall is already tiled, you can either saw cut the tile out from behind the bracket with a dry diamond blade or it might be much simpler to fabricate standoffs similar to what is described here on the installation page.

In any case, our shelves are very well made and strong, but not so easy to install. However you go about it, the bracket must be very securely fastened to the wall structure. Our floating shelves are designed to be professionally installed, the job requires tools and skills that are beyond most DIY’ers. Some floating shelf installations are straightforward, some are very difficult. If you have not done so already, please refer to the installation guide video:


and share it with your contractor as well so he can better understand what it will take to complete the job. Cheers,

Billy D

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