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How to build strong floating shelves

Don’t do it!     Let us build them for you!

With our 10 day lead time and Free Shipping, it just makes no sense fumbling around in your garage all weekend trying to make your own floating shelves like Joe here. Not sure what he’s doing in this picture but it looks dangerous.

joes garage

Our floating shelves are Real Wood.  Strong and Beautiful.

Professionally finished with furniture-quality catalyzed lacquer.


12 Kinds of Wood to choose from, or U-paint, we’ll make your shelves Any Size…


Free Shipping!  Installation Hardware included.


Shut the garage door!


Go back inside! Take 10 minutes at to order floating shelves, then spend the rest of the weekend with the wife and kids.

Place your order today! please visit:

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  1. LATANYA HUFFMAN COX November 18, 2019 at 5:42 pm

    Hi. I am interested in having two sets of black floating shelves custom build for my living room. Are the shelves strong enough to hold 20 gallon fish aquariums? I’d like to have an aquarium placed on each shelving unit (for a total of 2).

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