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floating shelf Q&A

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Subject: Securing shelf to wall

Message: Hello,

I need to order a number of floating shelves, but I have a couple of questions. First, how is the bracket secured? Does it need to be secured to the 2 X 4s in behind sheetrock/drywall?

Another question is price. Your shelves are about twice as much as similar ones on   What is the difference?

Looking forward to your reply




Hi Chris,

Thank you for your inquiry.

Our shelves are made to be professionally installed. They must be bolted into the studs. Please refer to the installation guide video, and share it with your contractor, as well as have him take a look at your wall to make sure it will support the installation.

The shelves at the link you sent are probably okay for a lot of people. I have not seen them in person, I cannot attest to the quality of the material or finish. Most all products like that on the market today are made in China, perhaps they are, perhaps not, but for that price, it’s very unlikely they are made here. That matters to some people, some people don’t seem to care. A lot of stuff made in China literally falls apart when you take it out of the box. Maybe those shelves are fine, if you order them you’ll find out.

Their shelves are probably easy to install yourself, ours are not so easy to install. Thiers probably won’t hold much weight, ours will hold a lot.

Our shelves are furniture-quality and individually hand-built. They look like they might have come from a big factory, but no, we make them in a small wood shop in a small town.

All of our shelves are made in St. Petersburg, FL. All of the raw materials going into the shelves are manufactured in USA as well, with the exception of the Coconut Palm, the two types of bamboo, Teak, and the African Mahogany, because those are harvested and manufactured overseas and there is no domestic equivalent.

Most of our customers are designers and contractors who have been asked to build floating shelves, and they are after a specific size and a specific kind of wood, so we have all of that ironed out and can make any size and have 12 types of wood.

I hope I was able to answer your questions, thanks!


Billy D


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