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floating shelf installation

I spoke this morning with a general contractor who plans to install a 12″ x 74″ floating shelf for his client, he says they plan to load the shelf with hardback books all the way across. They plan to use the U-paint MDF, he asked if another type of wood might be stronger and if that would help carry the load.

The bamboo is much stronger than any of the other woods, but I think that makes no difference. The MDF is plenty strong enough to carry the weight. The shelves are very strong. The steel installation bracket is very strong. the weakest point is always where the bracket attaches to the wall.

In his case, the wall is 1/2″ drywall over wood studs. One problem I have seen with drywall is that it can squish under the pressure of tightening the lags. Once the drywall has been weakened, there is no way to get the bolts tight enough.  This is far less likely to become a problem if the walls are real plaster.  A simple remedy I have had great success with is to drill out the drywall at each stud location using a 1.25″ holesaw bit. Then use the same drill on some scrap 1/2″ plywood to make 1.25″ wood puck standoffs to fill the space between the bracket and the stud, positioned so the lags pass through the center hole of the plywood pucks and then into the studs… problem solved

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