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Our product as well as our pricing was created to serve the building and design pro. Trade-level pricing is built into our structure. For the sake of convenience we offer the same pricing to homeowners.

On large orders with a skid weight over 600 Lbs. we begin to realize some savings on freight and we are usually able to pass along some savings on an order of that size.

For building professionals who actively publish professional quality photos of completed work with sources credited we can consider an appropriate discount, please use our contact form.

The amount of weight a floating shelf can hold varies depending on things like the quality of the installation, the structure of the wall the shelf is attached to, size of the shelf, and how the weight is distributed. The shelves we make are very strong, and can hold a lot of weight, I recently put about 150lbs on one shelf and it held fine. That doesn’t mean a shelf attached to your wall will hold the same, it might hold twice that much or nothing at all. Our floating shelves require professional installation. Your contractor should be able to give you a good idea of what a shelf attached to your wall can hold once he has seen the installation guide video:


Our shelves are finished with clear low-sheen catalyzed lacquer. It is a high grade finish used by quality cabinet builders and furniture makers around the globe. If you plan to use another finish, stain, oil, or use any other finish of your choice, you may select the “unfinished” checkbox when entering your order and your shelves will be delivered unfinished raw wood.

We offer a painted finish on our painted oak shelves.

If you want a painted finish on another type of wood, the two other options we have is our U-Paint MDF shelves, or any of the wood types can be ordered unfinished as well so you can paint them painted on your end.


We offer free shipping on all orders large and small delivering within the contiguous United States. Orders to Canada, Alaska, and Hawaii will have shipping charges added. Most orders ship by either Fedex or UPS ground. Larger orders ship by truck freight (LTL)

Transit time is 1-5 days depending on distance from our facility in St. Petersburg, Florida.  For example, all points in FL and parts of the southeast USA is 1 day, NY is 3 days, CA is 5 days.

The production lead time is 10 working days. Once an order is placed, it will go into production the next business day, and ship in 10 working days. Working days are every day except Saturday, Sunday, and holidays.

Custom stain typically adds 5 working days

The Reharvestedwood and both types of bamboo are solid material, the others are plain-sliced veneer on USA manufactured furniture-grade plywood.

Reharvestedwood is made using drops from the straightline rip saw. Most of the pieces are domestic hardwoods, there are usually some exotic species mixed in. The entire process takes place in our shop in St. Petersburg, FL.

Large pieces of solid hardwood cannot be relied upon to stay flat and straight by itself, it must be assembled to some type of structure that will influence it to stay that way. For floating shelves, the cross-grain layers of the plywood core is better suited to the application. The furniture grade plywood we buy is made in USA from domestic raw materials, with the exception of the face veneers on the Teak and African Mahogany, those trees only grow in other parts of the world. The core material of those panels is domestic origin. Depending on availability, the plywood we use is from either Columbia Forest Products or Murphy.

There is no domestic source for bamboo sheets. 100% of bamboo on the market is harvested and processed into panels in China. The bamboo we use is Smith & Fong Plyboo

Yes, we ship orders to Canada.

***Please read carefully***

We offer free shipping for orders within the contiguous United States. Shipping to Canada costs a bit more, that amount will be automatically added to your order at checkout. The shipping charge includes the customs brokerage fee charged by FedEx international Ground. It does not include any of the taxes that will be collected by the Canadian government.

The Canadian government will collect taxes on your order when it crosses the border. It remains unclear how that is done exactly, but to be sure, those charges are 100% your responsibility.

*** NAFTA***

Our shelves are made in USA, most of them using material of USA origin. The three types of bamboo and Coconut palm are made using raw material from China. The Teak and African Mahogany material is from mixed sources both foreign and domestic.

The shelves made from USA origin raw material qualify for NAFTA exemption, and the appropriate documentation will be included with the customs documents.

Corner shelves can be made triangular, rounded, or L-shape. To receive a price quote, please email a sketch with all your dimensions. A simple sketch will do, just make sure your measurements are correct and draw it out on a blank paper.

(We are not able to make stainless steel shelves in L-shape or rounded)


corner shelves

Snap a photo with your phone then email your cartoon to: [email protected]

Be sure to include the type of wood, quantity, and shipping address

We are in Florida, so we collect 7% FL sales tax on orders shipped within Florida. Orders bound for all other states are not subject to FL sales tax.

Of course floating shelves can be used in the kitchen!

Our floating shelf design is plenty strong enough to hold stacks of dishes or just about anything you decide to load them up with. We can match the finish on your kitchen cabinets as well. (sorry, no painted finishes, but you can order U-Paint) We can stain to match though:

These shelves require professional installation, it is not a weekend DIY sort of job. Please refer to the installation guide video, the link is toward the bottom of the home page.

You might be OK if the shelves are shallow. If they are just ledges, like 6″ deep, it might work okay, but if you aim to put deeper shelves and load them up with books or anything heavy then forget it, you need to open up the wall and add blocking, wood studs, or other suitable bracing to attach to as well as stiffen the wall. The lag screws provided will not work with steel studs. Please refer to the installation guide video, as well as share it with your contractor and let them figure out the best way to proceed.

Place your order using the ordering tool at the top right of any page on this site. Start the process by choosing a type of wood, then choose the Depth and Width.

Once a shelf is added to the cart, you can update the quantity using the + and – by each item in your cart.

Our standard finish is 15 sheen (low sheen) clear catalyzed lacquer. You may order any shelf unfinished if you like, just select the “unfinished” checkbox on the order form.

When you have all of your items entered, proceed to the checkout and enter your shipping and payment info.

Once your order is successfully submitted, it will be reviewed and entered into production by a live person within the next business day and you will receive an order acknowledgment at that time.