Canada Shipping

Yes, we ship orders to Canada.

***Please read carefully***

We offer free shipping for orders within the contiguous United States. Shipping to Canada costs a bit more, that amount will be automatically added to your order at checkout. The shipping charge includes the customs brokerage fee charged by FedEx international Ground. It does not include any of the taxes that will be collected by the Canadian government.

The Canadian government will collect taxes on your order when it crosses the border. It remains unclear how that is done exactly, but to be sure, those charges are 100% your responsibility.

*** NAFTA***

Our shelves are made in USA, most of them using material of USA origin. The three types of bamboo and Coconut palm are made using raw material from China. The Teak and African Mahogany material is from mixed sources both foreign and domestic.

The shelves made from USA origin raw material qualify for NAFTA exemption, and the appropriate documentation will be included with the customs documents.