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Custom order of solid wood floating shelves

These shelves we decided to make out of solid wood instead of plywood, because they are going to be used as countertops.

20120227-174637.jpgThere will be 5 counters altogether, three bigger shelves made of White Oak, and two smaller ones in Sapele.

20120227-174655.jpgWhite Oak laid out on the bench to pick the best ones to use on top, any blemeshes I’ll try to cut off or at least use where they wont be noticed, like on the bottom.

20120227-174709.jpgThese boards have been planed down and the edges cut on the straightline saw. The picture shows 3 boards glued toghether to make a top panel for one of the shelves.

20120227-174720.jpgOn the table just about to go through the straightline saw.

20120227-174730.jpgPressed for time, the glue dries faster in the sun.

20120227-174744.jpgOne of the panels on the saw to be trimmed to size.

20120227-174759.jpgIn the spay booth ready for lacquer.

20120227-174816.jpgBack from the spray booth, dry and ready to go.

20120227-174826.jpgOnto the truck and off to Washington DC. Adios!

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