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corner floating shelves

corner floating shelf

From time to time the question comes up: Can we make floating shelves that fit into a corner?

Yes! of course!

Our corner shelves install in basically the same way as our regular shelves. The steel bracket must first be secured to the wall, then the shelf fits over the bracket. The bracket arms on the corner shelves are angled so it can fit over the bracket. corner floating shelf bracket

Corner shelves can be made triangular, rounded, or L-shape. To receive a price quote, please email a sketch with all your dimensions. A simple sketch will do, just make sure your measurements are correct and draw it out on a blank paper.corner shelves

(We are not able to make stainless steel shelves in L-shape or rounded)

Snap a photo with your phone and email your cartoon to:

Be sure to include the type of wood, quantity, and shipping address.


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  1. Janet robbins June 2, 2017 at 3:52 pm

    Maple corner shelves that are triangle shaped fitting into corner , can you make thesd

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