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can you make deeper shelves?

The shelves can be made any depth you want. The most important thing you need to figure out is how will you make the thing stick to your wall? Is your wall even strong enough to hold the shelf with the stuff you are going to put on it?  I install quite a few floating shelves. Some installations go smoothly and are easy. Some are difficult. Sometimes it is necessary to open up the wall to add studs or solid wood blocking, which in turn means the drywall has to be patched up and repainted, requiring multiple tradesmen and a few trips to get the job done. With 25 years of building experience I still haven’t seen everything but I’ve seen about half of it. Experience matters.  The best advice I can offer you for a successful  installation is don’t do it yourself! It is not an easy job! There are plenty of possible complications and an experienced pro will know how to handle anything that comes up.  A novice can make a real mess out of a floating shelf install.  A good trim carpenter can usually get the job done in 1-3 hours depending on site conditions. Bring him in ahead of time to inspect your wall, and share the installation guide video

with him so he will know what to expect.  I don’t know what the going rate is in your part of the country, here in Tampa Bay it is normal to pay between $30-50/hour for an experienced trim carpenter, so by my math that adds up to about a hundred bucks well spent. Best of luck!

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